Auto Insurance Questions Archive for 2010

  • How do deductibles work?

    Deductibles are the amount that individuals must pay before the company will have their claims recognized. Think of this as service charge that you need to pay before being able to use the service. In simple terms, a company will require you to pay a certain amount, let’s say about $100, for to activate your claim for an amount that … (more) April 19, 2010

  • Where does excess of the money that the insurance companies go

    People who claim their insurance usually wonder where the money goes especially in situations which tell the claimant that the amount that they can claim is more than the actual cost. For example, the quote says that the company will pay for the $10,000 dollars for the damages that your car might incur in an accident. After some time, you … (more) April 18, 2010

  • What is the difference with claims if you get a Full Coverage Insurance?

    Car owners nowadays have seen the great importance of being covered by a car insurance. The main reason for this is because there have been a lot of road accidents and within just a few minutes, those involved in the car accident lose one of their most valuable possessions and everything they’ve worked hard for. There are times when car … (more) April 17, 2010

  • When can a car owner declare their cars as totaled to make a claim?

    Cars are one of the most prized possessions of an individual. That is why car owners do everything they can to make sure that their cars will be safe, including them and whoever rides in it. However, there are some accidents which are inevitable and cannot be predicted. Sometimes, they cannot even be stopped or prevented. What a car owner … (more) April 16, 2010

  • What are the available types of physical damage insurance coverage?

    To start with, there is the Liability Coverage, which covers bodily injury inflicted on a third party, as well as property damages, both of which the insured driver is responsible for. This is coverage is basic and is required in the most number of states in the US. One may choose to avail of Liability Coverage under the Combined Single … (more) April 15, 2010

  • How can a teenager get a good discount of car insurance?

    Almost all insurance companies do not offer discounts to student or teenage college drivers. Seeing the teenagers records on the road dismay and alarm them. Apparently the companies lead them to higher the rates of auto insurances. Unfortunately, parents suffer even after being very good and giving to their children. So how do teenagers console dismays of parents? There … (more) April 14, 2010

  • How can parents reduce big payments of car insurances?

    Teenage license is only available to age starting from 18 and above, if and when they do not belong to this range, their only way to obtain driver’s license is through their parents, which is actually stated by the law. Hence parents are still the only reliable persons in this situation. Still, after giving capricious wishes of their children, parents … (more) April 13, 2010

  • What are the pros and cons of Full Insurance Coverage?

    Full Insurance Coverage will ensure you of covering the insured vehicle, the driver/ owner, third parties which include passengers and the other driver’s vehicle. The damages previously mentioned are covered by the Collision Coverage, a type of Full Coverage. Meanwhile, natural disasters damages to the vehicle (e.g. fire and floods), damages done by people (e.g. vandalism, theft) and damages inflicted … (more) April 12, 2010

  • What are the essential facts about insurance coverage that every driver must know?

    In order to be able to decide which car insurance policy to avail of, there are several things each driver / vehicle owner must now. First, one must have an understanding of the various types of insurance coverage. The basic types of coverage are. There is the Liability Coverage which offers protection in scenarios when bodily injury is caused … (more) April 11, 2010

  • What are the factors that affect car insurance rates?

    Owning a car is not that easy, especially that one’s life is at risk, there are lots of considerations that a car owner and a seller must agree upon buying a car. Insurance is a number one priority of car sellers, not only that it covers some of the damages that may be inflicted by the owner to the car, … (more) April 10, 2010

  • What do we mean by full insurance coverage?

    The term “full insurance” coverage is misleading, because truth be told, no such thing as full insurance, in its complete sense, exists. It is simply another term for “physical damage” coverage. However, when compared to the benefits (and definitely the price) of this type of coverage, it may seem more complete, or more “full” than other types. Physical Damage coverage … (more) April 9, 2010

  • Why do teenagers need auto insurance?

    Nowadays, teenagers and college students see themselves special whenever they have something which they could brag to other teenage and college students. One of these, trendy and in-style fashionable accessory of their mid-life, is having a car. Thus, in this regard, teenagers are deemed to be more excited, that they tend to be overwhelmed and overexcited when driving. Reports have … (more) April 8, 2010

  • Is it possible and legal to purchase car insurance online?

    Yes to both your questions. There are a lot of websites where you can get free quotes for your car and if you are happy about it, you can go as far as purchasing a policy via online. These deals that you are making with car companies are legal as long as you are being honest with the information that … (more) April 7, 2010

  • I reside in Florida and I am planning to buy my 16 year old son a car for his birthday. What can you recommend to be the safest car and cheapest insurance?

    Here is a list of what resulted from a survey (of the least costly when it comes to insurances) conducted to a variety of car retailers: Chrysler PT Cruiser 4dr Wagon GMC Safari SLE AWD 3dr Minivan Dodge Caravan SE 4dr Minivan Saturn ION 1 4dr Sedan Pontiac Sunfire 2dr Coupe Jeep Liberty Sport 4WD 4dr SUV Saturn L300 … (more) April 6, 2010

  • What is the minimum premium or insurance rate for my 1995 truck? I reside in Utah, if that helps.

    The minimum rates for trucks vary from car insurance company to another. It depends primarily on a policy holder’s driving history or record. The types of discounts he also applied for has a big influence on the premium he will get. Under Utah law, however, has the basic Liability limits of 25/65/15. The law under this state also requires motorists … (more) April 5, 2010

  • I got my first speeding ticket on my way to a sister’s wedding, how will this affect my premium?

    A policy holder’s premium has a lot of factors that is all considered by a car insurance company that helps them arrive to the final quote. There is no need for you to panic because as you have mentioned, it is just your first speeding ticket. Companies can be brutal at times (especially to those they consider as “problem drivers”) … (more) April 4, 2010

  • When Should Insurance Be Purchased when Buying a New Car?

    The timeframe in which to purchase car insurance on a new car would depend on a few different circumstances. If an individual is currently uninsured, the car dealership generally will not let the vehicle be driven off the lot without any proof of a policy. In this case, coverage would need to be purchased before the transaction is complete. Most … (more) April 3, 2010

  • Am I allowed to register a car with no insurance and can I do that with my license suspended? I live in California.

    Most of the states in the U.S. have a law that requires every car owner to have his car insured. This is the government’s way of protecting its people especially those who turns out to be ones who are not at fault in an accident. Technically speaking, there is a need for you to show a proof or evidence of … (more) April 2, 2010

  • Can you get auto insurance with just a learner’s permit?

    Most teenage drivers can’t wait to get their license and drive. But most states require them to have a driver’s license and car insurance before they get behind the wheel. For these young driver’s, they often ask if they can get insured even with their learner’s permit or their student driver’s license. A driver’s or learner’s permit is permission to … (more) April 1, 2010

  • I am such a busy-bee with work that I was not able to report my lost driver’s license, but since I recently moved here in California, can I just apply for a new one here? I came from Chicago.

    First thing first, if you would not want to be a victim of fraud or identity theft, then at this very minute, you should find time and report about your lost driver’s license to the authorities. You did not mention how you lost the said card but someone might have found it and can use it as an accomplice in … (more) March 31, 2010