Can you get auto insurance with just a learner’s permit?


Most teenage drivers can’t wait to get their license and drive. But most states require them to have a driver’s license and car insurance before they get behind the wheel. For these young driver’s, they often ask if they can get insured even with their learner’s permit or their student driver’s license. A driver’s or learner’s permit is permission to drive and therefore a temporary license with certain restrictions and thus they can get coverage for their vehicle.

This isn’t the only option for a driver with a learner’s permit. With new drivers or young drivers, they can obtain their own auto insurance or they can be covered under someone else’s policy such as their parents or the vehicle owner’s policy but whatever the case, a driver with only a learner’s permit must have coverage. The penalty for driving without car insurance and with only a learner’s permit is much more severe that for someone with a permanent license. In most traffic incidents, even if the driver is not in fault, if he or she has only a learner’s permit, the consequences can be worse.

A learner’s permit allows a driver to drive but there are also restrictions that come along with that permit. A driver’s permit comes with all the responsibilities of anyone licensed. This includes anyone who operates any motor vehicle on public roads. Among the responsibilities include a driver’s financial responsibility. With this responsibility, a licensed driver is required by law to have car insurance to ensure that any traffic incidents can be covered if he or she is at fault. Not only does this secure the vehicle and its driver, it ensures the safety of all cars and drivers on the road with that vehicle.

For most parents, the choice of purchasing car insurance for their child is almost automatic. They want what’s best for their child and as a new driver, having it just seems the safer choice. Even though it is legal to get insured with just a learner’s permit, it is advisable to wait for a permanent or professional license before any purchase. This way, you can gauge your teenager’s driving skills and he can log in some invaluable experience behind the wheel. This also gives parents the opportunity to research on quotes and see what the best choice is for their child. Also premiums for a new driver with a permanent license can be cheaper than premiums for new drivers with just a learner’s permit.