Am I allowed to register a car with no insurance and can I do that with my license suspended? I live in California.


Most of the states in the U.S. have a law that requires every car owner to have his car insured. This is the government’s way of protecting its people especially those who turns out to be ones who are not at fault in an accident. Technically speaking, there is a need for you to show a proof or evidence of car insurance before registering a car. So, NO, you cannot actually register a car without an insurance.

Another thing that needs to be considered in your case would be; it might be true that you don’t actually show your driver’s license upon registering, but you still need to do so when applying for insurance so the answer is still the same. Your suspended license, whatever the reason may be, will hinder in the process of your registration.  

Be reminded also that in California, the Department of Motor Vehicles has every right to suspend a vehicles’ registration if its liability policy is cancelled and a replacement policy is not submitted within 45 days. Aside from that, if your company has failed to supply the said department with an electronic evidence or proof within 30 days of a registration card being issued on a newly acquired vehicle, or if you have provided a false document then expect a cancellation on your registration.

But if the thing that you are after for is for someone to be able to drive your vehicle while your license is currently suspended, then you would have to inform your car insurance company and ask them to “exclude” you from the benefits of your policy. The downfall would be; if your current company does not support this kind of exclusion, then you would need to find one that does so.

The smartest move you can do is to fix your suspended license before registering your vehicle. By doing this, you are lessening your burdens and can come out of the situation with a clean driving record. Always remember that, you are allowed to have only one driver’s license, one driving record and to have a clean one has its advantages.

It is also a good thing to have a review on the laws of the state you are currently in when it comes to vehicles and all the other things that are connected to it. This gives you an edge and the power to know the right move.