Why do teenagers need auto insurance?


Nowadays, teenagers and college students see themselves special whenever they have something which they could brag to other teenage and college students. One of these, trendy and in-style fashionable accessory of their mid-life, is having a car. Thus, in this regard, teenagers are deemed to be more excited, that they tend to be overwhelmed and overexcited when driving. Reports have explained and surveys have illustrated the importance of car insurance for teenage drivers.

Actually, 17 year old students are not allowed to drive and have their own cars. They are considered to be reckless and careless drivers. Surveys have found out that car crashers are the number one cause of death of teens in United States. According to Centers for Disease Control 36% of teenage death are caused by accidents of driving.

Statistically, according to CarAccidents.com, deaths of teenagers that range from 16 to 20 years old are over 5,000 each year; while 400,000 of this same age-range experience serious injuries. This count also varies in gender, female teen drivers mortality rate are just one and a half less than male drivers, while neophyte or those first-time drivers add and heighten deaths and injuries of teenage drivers.

Other than that, National Teen Driving Statistics as well as other statistics prove that an age lower from the average teenage driver, 16 year-olds have higher crash rates that any other age. Likewise, in this age they are seen to be three times more prone to die. Apparently, 3,490 of teenagers that range from 15 to 20 years old died in car crashes in 2006. Imagine how many teenage drivers are now dying in the year 2010.

This data show the need of insurances, which also imply the insurance as a prerequisite of teenage-driving students. Regardless of the price of this basic necessity, it is still must be highly imposed. Insurances of teenagers are much expensive than that of an average driver because of the facts mentioned above. Teenagers, see themselves as invincible. They drive as if having their own car imposes high maturity level and high-level of responsibility. Parents or guardians must not believe or rely on this.

Insurers on the other hand, will never abandon the needs of their clients. They see that teenagers need to have much higher assistance and they allow their company to give much importance to the teenagers’ safety, which explains the rate that they quote on this matter. Though having high rates seems to negate the first principle of auto insurers, still they give high regards on what the company can do to their clients. Since teenagers are believed to be accident-prone then they have allotted much money-requirement for hospital bills and other expenses.