How can parents reduce big payments of car insurances?


Teenage license is only available to age starting from 18 and above, if and when they do not belong to this range, their only way to obtain driver’s license is through their parents, which is actually stated by the law. Hence parents are still the only reliable persons in this situation. Still, after giving capricious wishes of their children, parents carry the responsibility of tracking them.

On the other hand, children must have to assure their parents that they are in good disposition to have a car, not having to do so; like committing poor grades or weak standing in school and bad records as drivers or even as children will nullify their requests or wishes.

The abovementioned, tell so much about the duty of a parent to their teenage and college students children. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning on how this duty can turn in to the parents favor, especially to matters that comprehend financial matters, and this, with no apprehension means buying a car for their child or children.

Parents who have their own cars have their own insurance that is situated in a policy. This fact can actually of great help to their children, not that you as a parent neglect or do not want to ensure them car insurance, but you as a parent just want to track their own car through your policies. Listing your teenager on your own car insurance policy is much cheaper than granting them their own and new car policy due to the fact that teenagers magnify accidents that companies tend to rise the price or the premium of teenagers’ car insurance. Companies are more lenient to teenagers at this matter.

Aside from that pros or positive side that teenagers can drive any vehicle on the policy of other drivers, negative sides should also be taken into considerations, which the premium for other vehicles may increase because of some undesired and unpredictable accidents that might occur.

But what if parents are divorced? What policy should the child adhere? Under the rule of law, the child will hold on to the parent who holds more custody. Yet, arbitration is possible and accepted; through mediation and agreement it is either both parents can cover their child’s policy or parents will agree upon who will take the child’s car insurance. The latter actually happens when both parents have their own car policy.

Holding these facts, parents after giving sermons holds their children under their provision and lessening their expenditures.