I am such a busy-bee with work that I was not able to report my lost driver’s license, but since I recently moved here in California, can I just apply for a new one here? I came from Chicago.


First thing first, if you would not want to be a victim of fraud or identity theft, then at this very minute, you should find time and report about your lost driver’s license to the authorities. You did not mention how you lost the said card but someone might have found it and can use it as an accomplice in doing fraudulent acts. And this kind of situation will surely add to your problems that will eventually become a burden.

More than half of America’s citizens are having problems or have had, one time or another experience the difficulties of being caught in the web of identity theft. Some have recovered (minus their savings that went for attorneys) some are still struggling to prove their innocence and some (the worst of its kind) ended up in jail. And if we trace back the history of their demise, a lot would answer that it all started when they lost their driver’s license.

With regards to your inquiry about applying for a new license since you have moved to a new state, the answer would be NO. A driver’s license is something that is considered to be a person’s permanent record regardless of the licensee’s change of state. All you have to do is update your driver’s license information with the proper authorities. And this also applies especially if the case is due to revocation or suspension of license.

One should also be reminded that the government works hand in hand with its states against what they term to as problem drivers’ They have a means to check who is and who is not on the list through checking the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS) and/or with the National Driver Register (NDR). It is a federal requirement for new applicants to have their records checked first before an issuance so right there and then, your case will come out in the open because you already have a record with them.

The National Driver Register (NDR) is a central database of information of all problem drivers in the 51 states of America. Authorities make use of the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS) to find out a person’s driving history. This will include suspended, revoked, cancelled or denied due to some serious traffic related or road related incidents. There is only one rule that is followed when it comes to driver’s license: one driver, one license, one record. And this is a nationwide tenet.

The best thing to do is to report and wait for a license replacement.