When can a car owner declare their cars as totaled to make a claim?


Cars are one of the most prized possessions of an individual. That is why car owners do everything they can to make sure that their cars will be safe, including them and whoever rides in it. However, there are some accidents which are inevitable and cannot be predicted. Sometimes, they cannot even be stopped or prevented. What a car owner can do, however, is to plan ahead of time and foresee such accidents. These can all be done through the purchase of an insurance policy; one that can cover every possible accident out there.

There are different degrees of accidents with different degrees of claims as well. There are some who claim for injuries, some for damage claims, and some for repair claims. However, there are instances wherein car owners and policy holders need to claim bigger amounts from their policies because their cars got bigger damages such as having totaled cars.

Accidents that lead to having cars totaled are sometimes due to strong collisions and other reasons which may lead to death. That is why there is a need for a bigger compensation. There are times when some car owners claim that their cars are totaled to get more money but in reality, they are nowhere being totaled.

That is why the biggest question today is, when can a car owner claim that their car is totaled for a bigger coverage? The answer to that varies in the place where the accident happened. There are different percentage standards of different states and even countries.

Take for example Nevada. Their standard is for the cost of repair for damage to be at least 65% of the total car value, or even greater than what the totaled car is currently worth. The more general percentage however, ranges from 50 to 75% of the car’s actual and current value.

Always remember that no matter how much a car owner thinks his car is wrecked, the wreckage percentage of the car will still depend on the insurance company’s investigative department, and their own assessments. However, a third opinion is always possible if the policy holder feels that the assessment of the company was not fair, just and reasonable enough.

As all these enlighten questions to the claims on totaled cars, it is still best to be safe drivers. In doing so, car owners will avoid accidents and will help save lives, cars, and a lot of money.