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What to do in a Car Accident Insurance Claim


There are two most commonly discussed reasons why one should avail auto insurance. First because it is required by law and depending on which state you belong the minimum requirement for car insurance coverage varies. That is your legal responsibility to the state and going against it might cause you hefty of fines or this might lead to the confiscation of your driver’s license and worse this might end you up in prison.

The second reason is the fact that having auto insurance is your responsibility to yourself. Causing an accident or being involved with a car accident is never a small thing. From the damages to injuries, expenses will leave you bankrupt if you have to pull every single cent out of your own pocket. Things would have been better if you know that even with the worst situation of meeting an accident on the road, you have invested for an immediate help before hand.

So if you do not want to be a law-abiding citizen and you do not have a sense of responsibility to yourself then you may not continue reading this entry however if you are as much interested as most Americans do reading the rest of this article will give you an idea what to do in cases of accidents.

Encountering an accident while hitting the road would not hurt your financial status that much if you have ensured your car. What you need to do when caught in the middle of such scenario is to immediately report the incident to your insurance provider. Getting important information will help you out so make sure to have them prepared so when the customer representative asks questions you can provide sufficient answers.

When the time for setting a claim comes, what must be remembered is that this process must not be done in haste. Going for the first offer from your insurance company would be the last thing you may want to do. Asking for legal assistance can help you out to make sure your rights are not compromised in any way possible. If you have settled a claim and the adjuster agreed with your price the story is not over yet for at this point you do not have your money yet.

In closing the deal, the insurance company will make you sign a Release and Waiver form. This form is an assurance for the company making sure that you will not ask for more from them. Thus you need to be very certain that you agree and understand fully what was written in the form. Do not hesitate to ask questions and clarification for the form content and terminologies.