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What Happens During a Car Accident Insurance Claim Settlement?


In every state there is at least the minimum requirement for car insurance coverage car owners and drivers need to have. However depending on your need, you can add up more coverage type to what the state is requiring you.

It is true that car insurance may cost you thousands of dollars annually but we all know as well that having a protection would definitely help us out in cases of accidents.

Indeed if you are a car owner and driver much of what you are to handle if you caused an accident without being insured will be shouldered by your insurance provider if you own a policy. And this will save you from a lot of financial troubles.

However settling a claim and having it granted is not as easy as it may seem. There are things that have to be considered. Whether you have or you do not have any idea of what your claim is worth, it is best to gather pertinent documents that will back-up your claim. Since we are dealing with an accident here it’s best to ask your doctor about any future injury-related problems that you might encounter. Take information about your prognosis for recovery and have her take note of any potential problems that you might have to deal with in the future.

Having all the information needed you can make a negotiation with the adjuster. Depending on your needs, you can ask for a legal help from an attorney especially if you do not have an idea how much would be your claim. In case you know exactly where you are standing you can draft a demand letter. You need to attach receipts of expenses, medical reports and bills and all other significant documents needed.

Taking time in making settlements is an important thing to remember. Getting an amount of money as soon as possible must not be your goal. Do not just go with the first offer; keep in mind that adjusters are working for the company’s interest and not on yours. Thus they are goaled to make settlements as economically as possible to save money for the company. With this, grabbing the first card laid on the table is not a smart move at all.

You can always make counter-demands and to make this move valid you have to be ready to provide all the information or documentation your adjuster would need if a reconsideration of your counter demand is possible. Be active and alert with the negotiation process until you both agree for a settlement.

Settling a claim is just the initial step amore rigorous process follow which would necessitate your active participation as well.