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Tips In Filing for Car Accident Insurance Claims


Every driver wishes he never gets into a road mishap.  However, accidents can happen no matter how careful he is. This is why he got a car accident insurance to be safe and protected always. Now, when the time comes when a driver actually has to file for claims, what does he do? It will save him a lot of time if he can familiarize himself with the process involved, and get a few tips about what to do and what to avoid.

The minute he gets his car accident insurance policy, he should read and clearly understand the terms stipulated.  If he finds anything questionable or vague, he can immediately contact his agent to clarify matters, especially when it comes to the limitations or coverage of his policy.

Once he figures in an auto collision, he must contact his insurance company the soonest he can to report what happened. Meanwhile, at the site of the accident, he should try to gather all pertinent information that will support his filing for claims. This includes photographs of the collision, damages to the vehicles and bodily injuries of passengers if there are any. He should also get contact information of the people involved, including witnesses who are willing to cooperate should their testimonies be needed.

A driver should understand that insurance companies first assess situations before they cover for vehicular damages. This will take quite some time. Most car owners will go ahead and have their cars repaired and will just ask for reimbursement from their insurance providers later on. Therefore, it is important to keep all official receipts and invoices intact for proof.

Car accident insurance claims are often abused in the sense that clients declare more than the actual amount they paid for repairs. One should remember to always deal honestly with his insurance provider or otherwise risk being charged with fraud.

He should also not rely solely on his insurance company’s quote because most often they will quote lower than the actual cost of damage. It will be good if he can also bring his car to a third party mechanic to estimate cost of repairs.

Waiver forms are signed in the process of filing for claims in car accident insurance. A driver should be very careful before agreeing to sign. If he is doubtful in any of the terms and conditions, he could first consult a lawyer or friend.

Finally, filing for claims only contains a limited validity period. It is best to process it immediately after the time of an accident while the facts of the incident are still fresh to everyone involved.