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Five Things to Remember About Instant Car Insurance


“Instant” seems to be the preferred word nowadays. People are busy and seem to be always pressed for time. They want instant goods and services that will not waste their precious minutes. The same holds true when applying for car insurance. Car owners frown on long and tiring procedures that go on for several days or weeks before they can get their insurance policies. Hence, instant car insurance is such a hit nowadays.

Insurance companies promise to deliver auto quotes and policies in a matter of a few minutes only through the internet. However, there are five things to remember about instant car insurance online before a car owner decides to get one.

First, it is important to make sure that the website is legitimate and could process your request as they promise. They should have automated systems that calculate insurance premiums almost instantly after filling out online forms with them. After clicking the submit button, response time will take only around one minute or so.

Second, as online requests are often automated, it is important to disclose pertinent details as accurately as possible to get the perfect quote. Instant car insurance websites will use this information to measure one’s potential risk on the road and also to verify his real identity. Online forms may also consist of a number of questions used to qualify if a driver is low-risk or high-risk.

Third, prices and laws vary from one location to another so it is important to give the correct location. Major cities and states are busier places. Traffic is normal here and the incidences of car mishaps are high. Insurance companies classify these locations as high-risk areas for accidents, such that drivers there will have to pay a higher premium for their insurance.

Fourth, unless otherwise specified, default coverage is always the minimum requirements enforced by the local government. It is usually just liability coverage to cover for damages in an accident. Therefore, an applicant should always carefully read the choices available and be sure to specify the exact features he wants to be included in his policy. If not, the quoted price will be inaccurate.

Fifth, since getting instant car insurance is an online process, payments will be via credit card. The buyer will be required to enter his personal credit card information. Upon hitting the buy-it-now button, some insurance providers will ask one of their agents to call up the applicant for further verification.  If there are no problems, the application will be processed immediately and the policy will be activated instantly.