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Car Accident Insurance Claiming Tips


Accidents definitely happens when you least expect it. No one wants to figure in a collision.  This is precisely why people choose to get properly covered by car accident insurance products. Claiming and settlement is another story altogether. This long process can get frustrating as you will have to deal with both your provider and the other party’s insurer. Some people even hire a lawyer to mediate and get the dirty work off their hands. Hiring an attorney may not be necessary especially if you already know the tips in claiming car accident insurance.

First and foremost, understand by heart what your car accident insurance policy holds. Always remember your limits and know your coverage, so there will be no need to recall anything when a collision happens. Call your agent as soon as possible to report the accident or injury. But before doing so, gather as mush information as you can about the accident. Take pictures of the damages inflicted on the vehicle as well as sustained injuries of passengers and/or passersby. Find the witnesses and make sure you get their names and numbers in case they need to testify in court later on or they are able to help you prove your claim.

It is also important that you note down insurance details of the involved third party, as well as conversation records with every person involved in the claims process. This could be your agent and insurance officers. Do not be left clueless about what is going on and record as much as you can.

If you wish to be properly reimbursed later on, save and organize receipts and invoices for all related expenses like hospital bills and car mechanic. Avoid being tagged as fraud, and be honest with your stories and exhibits. Stick to the facts and express opinions without admitting any liability. It is not your burden to determine who is at fault, anyway.  Never give out testimonials in writing to your insurance officer especially if your understanding of your policy is limited.

File your car accident insurance claims as soon as you can, when still within the specific period allowed. American states may have different time frames, some allow up to a year, but it is always best to file right away. You may also choose to have the damages estimated by an independent mechanic so you have an idea how much you actually lost. Your insurer will most likely quote you lower than the actual amount you need to fix things.

Finally, never sign a waiver or receive a check if you are not sure whether you are properly compensated or not.