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Car Insurance for Women is Cheaper


You must agree that even if men are generally dominating in this society, women are given preferential treatment in some aspects. If you are a man, try applying for car insurance with a lady and you will know that there are specific products of car insurance for women that are cheaper than those offered to you. Men may cry unfair but that is the way it is. Even if there are no claims that the ladies drive better than men, statistically, the skirted gender commonly make less and cheaper insurance claims. Settlements are cheaper because there would only be minor scratches and bumps, and insurers are simply delighted to not spend tons of money on customer accidents. It is also common knowledge that women drive less than men so the likelihood of collision, and traffic violations by women is also lesser.

Men find that special car insurance for women is not fair for them. They observe that women have the tendency to get distracted while behind the wheel because of the noise from the radio, fixing the make-up using the rear view mirror, or conversation with a passenger or in the phone. While these observations ring true, insurance companies care less and still offer cheaper car insurance for women.

You may enjoy the same privilege by piggy riding on car insurance for women. Have your self listed as a driver in the policy of your wife, mother or sister. By doing so, you will be ale to pull down your premium. However, this may not be the soundest financial decision because you also need to have your own to build or maintain credit score at some point. Also, the policy holder may not have the best credit rating that can affect your rates as well.

Basic coverage for women obviously takes care of third-party liability and collision. For additional coverage, women can also buy standard comprehensive insurance, that which will take care of damages caused by uncontrollable reasons. And then there are add-ons that are usually just offered for women like child seat, since mothers usually drive around with their kids. There is also handbag coverage where stolen bags in the car may be claimed, too.

This kind of insurance product makes women empowered all the more. Further price cuts are also available to those who deserve it like the middle-aged ones (who drive less) and those who have little or no traffic apprehensions history. It is always best to compare quotes before signing-up with a particular insurer so you can get the cheapest yet most covered offer.