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The Power of Age in Auto Insurance for Seniors


Many people are saddened as they add another year to their lives. They do not like the idea of getting old every year. Getting older is not that all that bad however as it also comes with many perks. By age alone, you get the respect of those younger than you. When driving, the other drivers will most likely let you go ahead at the intersection when they see you are older.

Insurance companies are also kinder to seniors. They offer them auto insurance for seniors with lower premiums. This insurance policy is loaded with features at a very low price that you will want to ask yourself when you will be eligible to meet their senior age bracket.

For most companies, their senior age bracket is 55 to 75 years old. Other companies start offering auto insurance for seniors only at age 60. You should clarify this first to your agent to make sure you are prequalified.

This is one instance when the power of age is really at work. Insurance providers feel that older people are safer drivers. They are defensive and do not accelerate more than necessary when driving. They are therefore unlikely seen to be figuring in an accident. In fact, there are statistics to back up this observation. Old drivers hardly ever get into an accident as compared to the high percentage of teenagers and middle aged drivers.

Many seniors are already retired from their day jobs. As such, they do not drive regularly anymore unlike the other professionals who have to be on the road every morning to make it to office on time. Insurance companies take this into consideration when computing for lower rates of auto insurance for seniors. The risk of getting into an accident is smaller for old people who are not regularly driving anymore. If you are not out on the streets often, what are the chances of getting into an accident?

Seniors also have many years of driving experience added to their belt. This makes them more trustworthy compared to the newer drivers. Insurers see them as better drivers in general and will not hesitate to give them premium discounts on auto insurance for seniors for as long as they keep maintaining a clean driving record. They only lose this privilege if they are proven to be driving carelessly.

The next time you feel bad about growing old, think of the perks behind it instead. You might find yourself saving more money as you grow older just because of your age.