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Three Reasons Why You Should Get Non Owners Auto Insurance


It does not mean that just because something is borrowed, you will not take care of it anymore. In fact, the things you borrow should all the more receive extra care from you. If you borrow a book from the library for instance, you want to be more careful when reading it, making sure that you avoid accidental page tears or stains from spilt juice.

When borrowing or renting a car, you also want to be more careful in driving it. It is advisable that you get a non owners auto insurance for three reasons.

Perhaps the first and most obvious reason is that the car is not yours. If it were yours, you will not be accountable to anyone else if the car figures in an accident. In the case of a rented car however, there is a bigger responsibility entailed to it because whatever happens to the car, you will be held liable for it. Without non owners auto insurance, you will have to reach from your own pocket to pay for the physical damages.

In a way, insuring a borrowed car shows that you are concerned for the safety of something that is not yours. This leads to the second reason of getting non owners auto insurance. It is the best form of protection you can give to a car. Depending on the features of the policy, it will also insure the driver from bodily injuries that he might incur from an accident.

Drivers who are renting cars will probably ask why the owners do not insure their cars themselves. There are various reasons. It might be out of negligence. Some think it is way out of their budget already. They may give many other reasons but that will not be an excuse for you not to pay for service repairs if an accident happens in your possession. You can try to buy your way out of it but the owner will likely file a lawsuit against you to make you shoulder the repair expenses.

Thus, you get non owners auto insurance also for financial reasons. This third reason is probably the most practical. Without considering anything else but your money, insuring a borrowed car is your best option if you do not want to risk your savings for something that could well be covered by a third party. Spending a little extra for insurance may save you a whole lot more in the future.

If you are one who rents a car very frequently because of your line of work, think about getting this type of insurance.