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Making it Right, Claiming it Right – Car Insurance Accident Claims


According to experts, humans have a natural tendency to feel numb for a certain period of time when something unexpected happens. It is said to be the body’s natural way of recovering itself from an extreme case of shock, preventing the body from undergoing a nervous breakdown. Collisions and fatal car accidents are among the few things that can cause someone’s mind to go blank and panic. Being involved in a car accident is never easy for anyone. Those who are involved in these situations suffer from extreme fear and feel immobilized, as if they are unable to calm down. However, no matter how tough it may be, motorists must know how to get over this initial fear and rise above the occasion. When terrible things happen on the road, one must learn how to think and act fast. Car insurance accident claims must be filed immediately.

Filing car insurance accident claims can be a stressful task for some, but following these steps can help in making this task much easier:

1.    Take 5 to 10 seconds to breathe, do not rush yourself. Yes, immediate action must be done, but your body also needs to maintain its pace first. Check yourself if you are fine and check the passengers if they are ok. Check also if something terrible happened to your vehicle or to the other party involved.

2.    If someone is bleeding or needs immediate medical attention, you may call the nearest hospital. If the situation makes it impossible to reach any medical professionals, then you may call 911.

3.    Notify your insurer. They need to be aware of what happened so they can do the necessary actions regarding car insurance accident claims. When speaking with your insurance agent, do not be afraid or be hesitant to divulge all details pertinent to the incident. Remember to remain calm while retelling the scenario.

4.    While waiting for authorities and someone from the insurance company to arrive, take necessary photos of the vehicle. If applicable, take photos of the injured parties involved. These pictures will serve as valuable evidence in an event a lawsuit will be filed against the one who caused the accident. The pictures will also be helpful in the process of filing car insurance accident claims.

5.    Try to remain calm and talk to the injured passengers if there are any. Also, try to make mental computations and estimate the amount of damages done to your vehicle. Coming up with a figure can come in handy when an insurance representative asks questions about the incident.