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Getting The Best Car Insurance Deals In Alabama


If you happen to be an Alabama resident and you want to get the best rates on auto insurance or coverage, the first thing you need to do is check your own driving record. Your driving record greatly determines how much you pay for monthly auto insurance. Even one traffic violation can lead premium rates to increase. Some auto insurance companies’ offer discounted rates if you stay accident free for as little as six months, other insurers require a longer time, but the bottom line is staying accident-free lowers auto insurance rates.

Other than being a prudent driver, here are other smart ways that you can do to help lower auto insurance rates:

1. Shop around for better options. Auto insurance rates in the state of Alabama vary from company to company. Use a website that offers comparisons of different quotes and select the best deal you find most appropriate for your needs.

2. Request for higher deductibles. One of the easiest ways to lower rates is to simply increase your deductibles. You can substantially lower your monthly car insurance rates by requesting your company to increase your deductibles. However, you need to be careful with this method, since you have to pay your deductible in cash before your insurer will pay its share. Before you request for higher deductibles, make sure you can afford the deductibles in case of a claim.

3. Watch your mileage. A good number of auto insurance companies in Alabama offer lower rates for low mileage cars. Always be conscious of your average monthly mileage. Drivers who drive under 500 miles a month can qualify for low mileage discounts. Some of the effective steps you can do to decrease mileage would be taking public transportation or participating in a carpool to your workplace. Not only will you save on gas money, you will also keep your car in good condition while you lower your insurance rates.

4. Ask auto insurance companies for different discounts. Auto insurance companies in Alabama offer different discounts that you could be qualified for. Some insurers or providers give discounts to cars with certain safety features and anti-theft devices, while others offer special discounts to seniors and student drivers with high grades.

5. Check the type of car before you shop around for quotes. The type of car you drive determines your auto insurance rates. Sports cars, luxury cars and SUVs have higher insurance rates than your average family car. Going for a less-expensive alternative can actually decrease your car insurance rates.