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Affordable Auto Insurance for Seniors


Insurance companies consider age in a very major way. Age is the number one factor that affects a person’s premium rate because of risks that are attached to it. For instance, premiums for new drivers aged seventeen or so, they will have to contend with higher rates. This is because insurers deem that this age is a stage when someone is still irresponsible on the road because of newfound freedom. Higher premium is also usually imposed on auto insurance for seniors. There are disabilities that come with old age like impaired eyesight and hearing. This is probably why the elderly is considered high risk.

However, it is noticeable that old people are more cautious on the road. They keep within speed limits and handle the wheel safely. They are also retired and just stay at home most of the time. This means that their mileage becomes low as they age. While it is true that senior people are considered risky on the road, they also have qualities that qualify them for discounts and cheaper auto insurance for seniors.

Like all other kinds of coverage, auto insurance for seniors may vary from one insurer to another. Scout around and review quotes as a good start for your shopping expedition. You will be surprised that each company will be unique in their offers. Choose the best option for the lowest price.

To ensure that you will get discounts that you deserve, follow these tips for a better road experience and lower premium rates:

  • Look ahead and slow down, or stop fully if necessary, at intersections.
  • Keep within the speed limit. Going over or under it is not safe. Accidents may occur on roads where motorists are too fast. On the other hand, slow driving may trigger impatience and road rage.
  • Make sure that you can see at least ten feet ahead by sitting high. When you have a long and wide vision in front, you become defensive in driving.
  • Keep your lane and be cautious if you must change lanes.
  • Remember that older models of cars are different from new releases in terms of features. If you have acquired a new vehicle, make sure that you know how to operate it properly, like finding where the switches are located.
  • A driving refresher course would be nice too. Some companies automatically award discounts on auto insurance for seniors when there is proof that the policy applicant has just finished the course.

Remember that it is possible to get cheaper rates for you. Knowing your options will get you to the best deal.