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Habits that help you lower costs while purchasing motor vehicle insurance


Simple habits can go a long way in lowering the cost of your motor vehicle insurance. Many times these simple habits are ignored by drivers and car owners, which leads them to paying higher premiums. These premiums add up over a period of time. Therefore it is important to pay attention to the minutest of details. Firstly, maintaining a good credit history helps in getting cheaper motor vehicle insurance. This is because of two reasons. Someone with excellent credit history is considered less reckless and more mature, which could translate to safer driving on the roads as well. Also such customers are more likely to pay the auto insurance premiums on time. Therefore, if you pay your bills on time, lower your debt by lowering your expenses and maintaining a good credit score, you will attract better auto insurance rates.

Taking public transportation once a week can remove hundreds of miles from your overall mileage at the end of the year. The less you drive, the safer you are considered to be by the insurance providers. You will automatically get a better auto insurance quote compared to those who commute to work regularly. The state also affects the motor vehicle insurance to certain extent although one cannot affect this in any way. States or cities with higher rate of accidents have more annual claims for damage compensation, which automatically increases the insurance costs.

Motor vehicle insurance depends on the vehicle too. the insurance coverage is different for a family sedan, a hatchback, an SUV or a truck. The level of risk involved in each case is different. Similarly the damage costs are different in various scenarios. For example, an SUV will make you drive faster thus increasing the risk of an accident. So your auto insurance premium goes up when you drive an SUV. Similarly, if you own a vintage car, the spare parts and damage repair costs are exorbitantly high. Even in such cases, your auto insurance premium goes up. A simple car which is easily repaired and whose spare parts are easily available therefore costs you less money even in terms of auto insurance premiums.

Motor vehicle insurance also depends on the driver. If you have plenty of speeding tickets or you have violated traffic signals many times, then your auto insurance premium would be very high. On the other hand, if you have a clean driving record for more than 3 years, you get cheaper auto insurance.