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Motor Vehicle Insurance – What the Law has to Say


One thing about car insurance that makes it irrefutable is that the law set it as a pre-requisite to drive. Across states enacting laws governing motor vehicle insurance varies thus if a person tends to move a lot from one place to another well his/her situation will be changing a lot as well.

It is best if you have an ample idea on what these laws are but this is not to say that you have to memorize all the states laws of all the states in the United States. Well just a sufficing idea would not hurt.

If you are a teenager it is good to know that there are different rules across states with regards to young drivers. Some state would require you to have a graduated drivers licenses. For some states it is okay for a teenager to drive with a provisional license while other states are putting some restrictions to temporary instruction permit holder and provisional license holders who are less than 18 years of age and are operating a motor vehicle. Teenager drivers are also expected to be informed about the controlled drug laws and this task must be accomplished by the Department of Safety. There are also some places in the United States where a teenager who is 17 years old and below can only use his/her motor vehicle on highways on specified hours.

It is not only your car insurance company that is checking on your driving records, the state law also is. Thus for those who have been involved in traffic infractions for a subsequent violation and have caused death or serious physical damages some of the states passed laws that would confiscate, revocate and suspend your driver’s license.

When you are applying for car insurance policy and your chosen company is checking on your records one important thing they look at is your continuous coverage. If you have been driving without any coverage the insurance company may automatically consider you as risky and your application may be denied.

Driving without any car insurance coverage will really get you in trouble considering that it is a requirement of the state law. Some states in the US are creating committee that will be responsible in studying all the aspects of compliance of the Liability Insurance mandate. Other states requires motor vehicle insurance policy to include in their coverage the insures persons right to recover damages from car drivers of uninsured or underinsured vehicle for bodily injuries, diseases or death caused to the insured person. Underinsured is defined by some state as a motor vehicle’s insurance lacks the personal injury liability coverage. Some states passed laws saying that an insured person is entitled to coverage regardless of whether the accident was intentional or unintentional.