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Buying a Non Owners Auto Insurance


Because of the increasing costs of living and the high prices of gas, more and more people are now opting to use public transportation than drive their own vehicles. However, there are instances that call for driving a car. Going out of the city is one of them. A person who wishes to go to vacation is most likely going to borrow or rent a car that will make transportation easy for him.

Driving a borrowed or rented car has its risks. For this reason, any person who drives a car that he does not own should get a non owners auto insurance to protect him from liability and legal fines that he may incur if he gets involved in a vehicle accident.

Non owners auto insurance is a type of coverage policy that protects an individual from facing property damage and bodily injury liability while he is driving a vehicle that he does not own. The insurer will pay for the repair or replacement of the vehicle of another party. Insurers will also be paying for medical and hospitalization fees incurred by an injured individual. Claims and legal fees that are made against a policyholder are also covered by the insurer.

An individual may think that his car rental insurance will already cover for this. It does, but, if a person rents a car for more than ten days at a time, it is still cheaper to get insurance for non-owners.

Shopping for a non owners auto insurance is similar with shopping for any type of insurance. What a person must do in order for him to find the best value for his money is to call up several insurers that offer this kind of policy. After which, he should inquire about the Assigned Risk Program that is implemented in every state of America. An insurer must offer coverage according to this program.

After calling up several companies, the insurance buyer must compare terms, policies, quotes, and conditions offered by every company so that he can choose which among them gives excellent value for his money. The most cost-effective insurance policy is usually the best coverage.

Every person who wishes to buy non owners auto insurance should be reminded that he is eligible only for liability coverage. This means that if the car that he drives, but does not own, gets stolen or damaged by fire, flood or vandalism, he cannot make a claim with the insurance company. Comprehensive coverage – a policy that covers theft or damage of cars – is valid only for vehicles that are owned by the person.