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Advertisements for Truck Insurance


Selling truck insurance is quite a feat because not too many people own trucks. For one, it is bigger than ordinary cars and requires special skills to drive it. Trucks are more often used for commercial purposes to transport bulky commodities to different places.

Insurance companies resort to different types of advertisements to market truck insurance policies. There are many mediums to choose from. Popular examples are advertisements in television, billboards, and radio. Some companies also enlist their names in the yellow pages.

Recent advancements in technology also paved methods for newer ways to advertise. It can be through short messaging service (SMS) sent to mobile phones or placing banners in different websites. Banners are made to look catchy and attractive for internet users to click them.

Insurance companies play it smart when deciding where to place their truck insurance advertisements. They do not saturate all mediums available to them. Instead, they study all their options carefully and see where their insurance policies will get the most visibility at a cost well within their budget. Advertisement fees vary greatly. Television exposure is usually the most expensive. Sometimes though, this is not really necessary especially when a company is only targeting a small market.

There are many interplaying factors for an advertisement to be effective. The main goal always is to capture the interest of the target market so that they will take a moment to stop and read. Generally, the most effective ones are easy to read and understand, and also looks attractive.

The main target market of truck insurance is obviously the truck drivers and owners. They normally drive along major thoroughfares so placing ads in billboards will be a very good idea. However, what a marketing team should consider is that their ads will be pitted against so many others along the highway. Therefore they most of them think of ways to make their ads stand out from the rest. This is where creativity comes into play.

Bigger billboards will cost more, but will be more visible even from afar. Some marketers provide catchy slogans and surround the billboard with lights to make it attractive even at night. It is important to note that truck drivers most often speed up in highways and so they only have a few seconds to read billboard ads. Thus, color, font size used, images as well as message should all be very clear and easy to grasp.

A sure way to test if an advertising campaign is effective is if an insurance company’s sale increases. If there are no changes, the ads may not be getting the right exposure.