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Practical tips to get low cost car insurance


In the present scenario, there are a lot of car owners who sign up for liability insurance because it is mandated. However, they don’t go any further from that, leaving them at high risk in case of accidents or natural disasters. If you own a car with a decent net worth, it is a good idea to have other types of car insurance which include comprehensive and collision insurance, at the very least. It is quite possible to obtain cheap car insurance, if one were to aim for it over a period of time and follow a few practical tips that are very easy to follow.

Drive safely

Safe driving is something which is entirely in your hands. By driving carefully, you could avoid speeding tickets, traffic violations and even minor accidents which compel you to make insurance claims. By avoiding all these you paint a picture that insurance providers consider risk free and hence are prepared to offer car insurance at much lower rates.

Avoid driving when possible

If you can share a cab with a friend, or take the public transportation, you reduce the chances of your being involved in an accident. You also reduce the car mileage, which is one of the factors on which the insurance premiums you need to pay are based on. Therefore, by avoiding driving a lot, you can lower your car insurance premium significantly.

Good grades and good credit record

Anything that gives a good account of you as a safe driver will help you get a discount on your car insurance premium. A good example is that of good students who are teens, but get excellent grades. Although teens are considered a high risk group by insurance providers, the good grades indicate that the individual in question is sensible and mature enough to drive carefully.  Similarly, individuals who have excellent credit history tend to get discounts on their car insurance because they are generally considered more careful and less reckless about their matters.

Avoid expensive cars

Safer cars also get you cheaper insurance. SUVs and cars with expensive spare parts will also make you bleed in terms of the insurance premiums. Usually family sedans are cheaper to repair and hence more popular with the insurance provider. If your car has protection equipment including navigation assistance or anti-theft alarm, you will be able to elicit more discount from the insurance provider as you represent less risk to them.