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How Do You Lower Your High Risk Auto Insurance?


Here is one important fact you need to know regarding car insurance: You might pay more money for your car insurance if you are a “high risk” driver. When considered a “high risk” driver by an insurance company, it means you have been in car accidents that you caused and have a record of traffic violations. Moreover, if you are under 25, car premiums will be higher compared to any other age group. That is the painful truth of being tagged as a “high risk” driver. However, there are practical ways that may help lower high risk auto insurance. Make sure to keep all of the following in mind.

First, avoid purchasing a luxury car, sports car or a newer model since this will increase auto insurance rates. If you currently own a luxury car, sports car or a new model, you might need to let that one go and find a cheaper alternative if you want to lower high risk auto insurance rates. It is important to find a car with all the necessary vehicle safety features such as anti-theft devices, a car alarm and airbags.

Another essential step that you can do is to always abide by the traffic rules, and be extra conscious of moving violations, especially speeding. Moving violations or road accidents, whether you caused it or not, only further increase indemnity rates.

One thing you should always keep an eye on is your car’s mileage. Not everyone knows that daily mileage is a major factor in car premiums. Lowering daily mileage means lowering your high risk auto insurance rates. Do not use your car if it is not needed. Commute to work through public transportation or via carpool. You get some good exercise by riding a bicycle, which not only lowers your insurance rates; it is also beneficial for your health and the environment.

Check the internet at least twice a year to compare an insurance company’s rates to other companies’. There is a great chance you can come across better deals after some time.

One important area that you need to monitor regularly is credit rating. Make sure your credit rating is clean since insurance companies check this every once in a while.

Most importantly, avoid driving under the influence. Not only does it increase auto insurance rates, it also puts your whole life and the lives of other people at risk. If caught, your driver’s license may be revoked for good.

Following the steps above may actually lower your high risk auto insurance.