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Getting High Risk Auto Insurance In Alabama


Are you a “high risk” driver residing in Alabama? Read on to know more about getting high risk car insurance in your state.

When you or your car are considered by Alabama car insurance companies as “high risk,” this means you have increased chances of getting into an accident, and you, therefore, have increased chances of filing for claims from the insurance provider. Keep in mind that auto insurance rates are mainly determined by the risk of the driver and the car.

High risk auto insurance is something that car owners want to do without. Car owners want to pay the lowest rates possible. However, some car owners are required to have high risk auto insurance due to particular situations, so it is always wise to know who can qualify for Alabama high risk auto insurance.

Teenage drivers are qualified for high risk car insurance, since their age range automatically considers them as high risk due to their lack of driving experience. Teenage drivers in general also tend to be more aggressive on the road. They are easily tempted to speed up, increasing their chances of getting into auto-related accidents.

Senior citizens are also labeled as high risk by car insurance companies. They may have many years of experience, but most seniors are physically weakened by age. It is also highly possible that most seniors deal with problems regarding hearing and vision. This fact puts them on high risk when alone on the road. Auto insurance companies have to make allowances on high rates for senior drivers.

If you own a sports utility vehicle (SUV), a sports car or a luxury car, you are qualified for high risk car insurance since these types of vehicles have a higher risk of accident and auto theft.

If you happen to be a middle aged driver in Alabama, auto insurance companies will not label you as high risk. However, you can be charged with high rates depending on your driving record and the type of vehicle you drive. When deciding on your insurance rates, auto insurance companies take one vital factor into consideration: “Driving Under Influence” or DUI cases in your driving record. They will consider you as high risk if your records show that you have been charged with DUI cases in the past. Thus, make sure to control yourself from driving under the influence of alcohol at all times. Maintaining a clean driving record for at least one year can serve to your advantage and considerably lower your car insurance rates.