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4 Ways to Lower Your Insurance Rate


All car owners would love to be insured with the best car insurance policy at a very affordable price. The only problem is, however, when you check and compare auto insurance policy quotes in the World Wide Web, the prices of the policy quotes offered are so expensive that it would be a great increase in your family’s monthly or even weekly expenses. However, getting a good auto insurance policy would mean that every time you go on the road you are at least safe from the financial stress brought about by various car accidents.

The good news is that there are various tips you could follow to have your insurance companies cut a few slacks from the rate of your insurance policy.

First tip: drive less often. Insurance companies love it when their policy holders drive only during weekends or when they’re on vacation.  This is because driving lesser would mean that there would be a lesser chance that you, as the policy holder, would be involved in any vehicular accidents. Usually, insurance companies would cut a really big slice in your insurance policy rate when you drive only at least 7500 miles per year, but this varies at every company and of course, at the type of insurance policy you would like to purchase.

Second tip:  keep your driving records clean. When the insurance company sees that you are a safe driver then they would give you a lower insurance policy rate. A clean driving record means that you do not get speeding tickets often and you do not violate any traffic laws, plus, of course, you do not get involved into any car accidents whether it’s your fault or not.  But if ever you had a wild driving record past, do not be sad about it. Driving records get cleared off at least every 3 years so you would be given a chance to start over every 3 years.

Third tip: keep your car in a safe place. Car insurance companies also look at your neighborhood. If you live in a neighborhood where accidents or theft happens seldom or even never, the insurance company would surely lower your insurance rate. However, if you live somewhere with a lot of accidents and car theft often happens, try investing on a garage or have a car security installed.

Final tip: get insurance with promos. Insurance companies more often than not offer car owners various promos, which also mean various discounts. However, you have to be very careful in purchasing an insurance policy under a promo. There are some insurance companies who would try and outsmart you by putting hidden charges on the policy. So you have to read and understand the insurance policy and ask a few questions about the promo to be sure that they are not putting any hidden charges on your insurance policy.

When you’re on the road, you have to have two things for you to be really safe. One is to be a very careful driver and two, be sure to have a very reliable insurance policy.