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Top ways to avail cheap auto insurance coverage


Availing the desired auto insurance coverage for your needs at costs that do not burn a hole in your pocket is not a myth anymore. There are various ways in which you can get your auto insurance provider to lower the cost of auto insurance coverage. However, you need to be aware of the various options you have in hand and use them to your benefit.

Auto insurance providers have a soft corner for people who prioritize the safety of their cars. Vehicles that have the best anti theft mechanisms and are fitted with safety gadgets that not just protect the driver but also others on the road are considered to be the least risky. Hence, auto insurance providers will not hesitant in increasing the percentage of discount being offered. Even simple things such as window sketching can help you save a few dollars on your insurance coverage.

If you have more than one car in your household, it makes sense to insure both of them with the same provider. This way you can avail multiple car insurance discounts which can bring down the overall cost significantly. If you don’t have a second car, but have other insurance coverage such as home owners insurance or mortgage insurance, availing car insurance from the same provider will also entitle you to multiple coverage discounts.

Customers who pay annually for their auto insurance policies are given better discounts than those who pay quarterly or half yearly premiums. In fact, there are no discounts meted out to people who pay their premiums on a monthly basis. If you want to avail the best coverage at affordable prices, consider paying for the policy in full at the time of purchase.

If you either car pool with your friends or take public transport to commute to and from your work place, opting for a comprehensive coverage may not be a wise thing to do. Instead, you can either opt for ‘pay as your drive’ coverage or any other mileage based coverage if you do not use your car often.  Group coverage can also give you good savings on your policy premiums. Auto insurance providers offer a discount if you are either affiliated or work with certain organizations, schools, colleges or universities. Ensure you talk about this to your auto insurance provider when you decide on the policy, but before you pay for it.