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Business Car Insurance – Insuring Your Company’s Future


Do you think your company needs an insurance policy to take care of its vehicles? Or can you continue using your own car for the usual company errands? You can never tell whether your policy is not enough for your needs so start shopping for business car insurance now before anything disastrous goes out of hand. However, you may ask yourself, who needs it anyway?

The answer is anyone.  Anyone who drives vehicles going to and from work needs to cover their vehicles. Why? It is because cars that are used to go to and from work have higher chances of getting into accidents. That explains why every time you ask for auto insurance quotes one of the very first questions they ask you include how do you use the car.

When applying for business car insurance, be sure to indicate whether your car is a personal use vehicle or a work vehicle. This is because if you listed it for personal use only, and get into an accident while using it for business purposes, your insurance provider might not cover the expenses. Years of paying for your policy might just go to waste since you would not benefit from them and you will be stuck paying thousands of dollars for all possible expenses. You can suffer all of these just because you did not inform your insurance company that you use your vehicle everyday to go to work.

Since nobody wants to take care of the medical, repair and property expenses make sure to have the right kind of insurance coverage. Workers who should be covered under business car policy include (but may not be limited to):

•    Catering

•    Pizza Delivery

•    Real Estate

•    Construction

•    Newspaper Delivery

•    Door-to-Door Sales

•    Day Care

•    Landscaping

There are actually more advantages by having business car insurance than getting your claims paid, although that is equally important, too. Business coverage often have higher liability limit than ordinary policies, which is good when you have a truck carrying heavy loads and stuff; and if one of your company’s employees asks to borrow a company vehicle, he will also be covered by your commercial policy. Above all, getting a more specialized business car insurance policy will be more affordable than trying to include all your company vehicles in your personal policy.

Hence, if anyone asks you who needs commercial car insurance, tell them that anyone who owns a business is greatly recommended to get one. This does not only insure the owner and his drivers, but also saves a lot of money.