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The difference between business car insurance and personal car insurance


The difference between a business car insurance and personal car insurance may seem undistinguishable for the reason that some business owners are able to use a vehicle for personal and business purposes. When there is only one driver of a regular vehicle that is used for both personal and business, most automobile insurance companies suggest business owners to have a regular personal auto insurance policy rather than getting a limited business car insurance. This is because whenever an accident occurs, the damage to the regular vehicle would undergo the same evaluation when a claim is filed and more likely to cost the same so it doesn’t really matter if a business owner gets business car insurance or the other. 

However, some auto insurance companies recommend that business owners have a separate vehicle for business purposes as well as business car insurance. This is because there are certain car insurance coverage specialized for business that can not be offered by regular personal auto insurance especially when there are several drivers who use the vehicle for business and if the vehicle is specialized for the business. Let us say for example that you have a small logistics company that delivers goods of other people to and from destinations. Let us say that one of the things that you transport would be hazardous material such as chemicals and other fragile objects. Now, this surely needs a specialized type of insurance because if a car accident occurs during the day that you are out delivering these types of materials, it can be harmful to other people as well as the environment. So, there is specialized business car insurance for that. 

As you can see from the scenario given, the difference between business car insurance and personal auto insurance is only defined when there are special cases like these. So, if you have a small business and you a have a regular car to do business with as well as personal trips, then it would be very recommendable get personal auto insurance. The only problem that you will surely be handling would be the calculating expenses on the vehicle. Of course, to keep your business afloat, you have to separate personal from business cost. You have to know how much gas you used for business as well as mileage so you can record it and not charge your business for unnecessary vehicle expenses from a personal trip.