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Secure Your Business on the Road with Business Car Insurance


Car insurance doesn’t only cover your vehicle for personal usage, but if you have your own business and you have vehicles you use commercially, you should avail business car insurances.  Business car insurance doesn’t differ much from your regular car insurance. It generally covers your vehicles when you transport your clients, employees and products. Your business car insurance coverage should include the following.

  1. Auto liability insurance which is coupled with property damage insurance is required by the law under the US government for all operators of motor vehicles. There are two available policies for liability insurances. The first is combined single limit which offers insurance for both bodily injury coverage to payoff injuries caused to individuals after the vehicular accident and damage to property as a result of the accident. The other is split limit policies which divide the insurance to either bodily injury or property damage.
  2. Coverage for unsecured or under secured motorist should be included in your insurance policy. As some car owners fail to renew their insurances and let it expire. At instances when you are involved with unsecured or under secured motorist, let them sign a waiver stating that they have no insurance or under secured so can claim for damages. For uninsured property damages, payments are very much limited to as much as $3500 or sometimes lower depending on the states policy. Uninsured motorist property damage will not totally cover repairs or replacement costs and it is only applicable to drivers with no insurance coverage.
  3. Medical payments should always be covered in your business car insurance. Not only for you, the other driver and passengers in both cars involved in the accident, your employees and to pedestrians who have been injured in the collision.
  4. Comprehensive insurance coverage to pay for theft or fire that occurred during the accident should be in your car insurance policy but this policy is not often required by the state.
  5. Collision coverage that covers the damages done to your car when you or is hit by another car. If your car is leased or rented, you should avail this policy but the coverage is only limited to the terms and condition in your policy.

Business car insurance is a big help for your financial security. Do not only invest on your business but also in securing the safety of your employees and properties that are on the road.