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Who Deserves to Have a Non Standard Auto Insurance?


A Non Standard Car Insurance is a type of insurance policy given by providers to policy holders who they consider as high risk clients. It is also the type of auto indemnity that costs higher than what is usually offered to drivers who are not considered as risky drivers.

If you are not familiar with the definition of high risk drivers and if you are not sure if you are one, here are the categories and the reason behind why some motorists are considered to be risky drivers:

  • Teenagers - They are considered to be risky drivers because they are perceived by auto insurance companies as a group who are not that mature enough to become responsible drivers. Maybe due to age and hormones, they have a higher probability of being involved in accidents.
  • Senior Citizens - If teenagers are considered not mature enough, these group, although mature and responsible enough are already considered not fit to drive. Having reflexes and senses that are already deteriorating, they are not as fit compared to younger drivers, making them risky drivers.
  • Motorists who own sports and luxury cars - These vehicles are both thief and accident magnets, aside from the fact that they are expensive. That is why providers aren’t taking chances, and they would make motorists with vehicles like these belong under the risky types. Providers don’t want to pay much in case something happens to the expensive cars of clients.
  • People with numerous traffic violations - Traffic and driving violations only mean one thing to car insurance companies; violators aren’t safe and responsible drivers.
  • People who recently just got himself/herself into an accident. You got into an accident, the possibility of that getting repeated is higher, compared to someone who hasn’t been involved in one.

And now that you know the categories that make a motorist a risky-type, and if you are one of them, here are some tips on what to do to avoid purchasing the expensive non standard policy:

  • For teenagers - Show providers your responsible side, meaning show them that you are responsible at school (with good grades) and that they could be certain that you can also be responsible on the road. If it is not impossible, to have good grades that is, don’t worry avoiding violations at least will lower premiums once you get older.
  • For those with abundant violations – Enrolling in a defensive driving course will certainly make a difference. Here, you are hitting two birds at the same time, first you become a better motorist. Second, providers will have more confidence in your driving skills.

Risks are risks, but there are things that you can do to lower your risks and eventually own cheap auto insurance.