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Why Do You Need Liability Coverage on Your Policy?


It is a type of coverage that will insure the policyholder from all unexpected financial obligations during a vehicular mayhem. Problems between the policyholder who caused the accident and the aggrieved party can be settled using Liability Coverage. Under it are two subtypes – Bodily Injury Liability (which covers financial expenses like hospital bills) and Property Damage Liability Coverage (which covers the expenses for property repair of the policy holder and the aggrieved party).

Aside from those mentioned above, this coverage pays up any formal request of claim by the aggrieved party, to avoid court hearings. But if the policyholder’s provider is not able to come up to a settlement with the aggrieved party outside court, they will still provide legal counsel and defense for their policyholder. And if the court has found the policyholder to be at fault, then the car insurance company will have to pay the sum specified by the court.

Normally, providers do their best to come to an agreement outside court. Especially when the provider knows that their policyholder does not have a strong case to start with. It might look that settling things outside court is only advantageous to the policyholder and the auto insurance company, but it is actually not. Settlement outside court is also seen as an advantage by aggrieved parties because they do not want to be bothered by court hearings and they also fear about the possibility of losing their case.

Given the situations above, you now realize the true importance of having liability coverage. It gives you peace of mind knowing that in case of accidents, you and the other party involved are truly protected. Aside from that, a policy holder can avail of this without emptying his pockets for this type of coverage is not as expensive as the others. This is the advantage of including Liability Car Insurance Coverage in your policy.

If in case you do not have Liability Coverage on your auto insurance policy or worse, you are uninsured, you might as well schedule an appointment to the nearest insurance provider in your area and ask about this coverage. You do not know what might happen. Accidents still cannot be predicted even with the advancement of today’s technology. It is still best to be prepared and stay protected from any unwanted financial troubles and unexpected expenses. Surely, nobody wants to be in that kind of situation.