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Save More While Being Safe


Whoever said all the best costs also the best is seriously missing a lot. Getting a low cost auto insurance policy is possible, as possible as getting drinking a soda with zero percent sugar. How to save a on your monthly car insurance policy is really a very simple task. Just adding a security alarm, a functioning car seatbelt and an airbag would surely do the trick. Insurance companies would praise you for putting in those features in your car to the point that they would even lower your policy rate.

Another one is by driving a little less every day. Try driving only during weekends and just hopping on a bus or a cab from your house to your work and companies would definitely cut some slack in your policy rate. Driving every day only increases chances of getting into a vehicular accident, and driving lesser decreases chances of getting into any accident while on the road, which makes the rate of your insurance policy lower.

Following traffic laws, not getting speeding tickets and focusing on the road when you are driving does not only keep the cops off your tail, it also keeps your policy rate low. A clean driving record means a safe driver, so if you have clean driving record, companies would believe that you are risk free. But if you have had a wild driving past and also a wild driving record, you do not have to dwell over it. There are other ways of keeping a low indemnity plus driving records get cleared off every 3 years so you could keep that wild driving record for 3 years and after that you could start over as a tamed safe driver.

A good credit history also gains discounts from indemnity companies. Maxing out your credit cards won’t do you any good. You are already adding more debt on yourself and companies would also add more on your indemnity rate. Make sure you do not use your credit cards much or as much as possible, do not max it out, because whether you believe it or not a large debt also imposes a large  policy rate.

Finally, insurance companies offer promos, and what good does this do? Well, a low budget plus an insurance promo equals to great discounts! However, when buying a policy under promo, make sure to look, read, understand and ask questions connected to the policy you are thinking of buying and to the promo the company is offering. There are some companies who think their clients are crazy over promos that they place hidden charges on your  policy when you do not read the policy thoroughly. Do not be one of the victims of these companies.

Indemnity policies are a must in 47 states because these policies help the car owner as much as he pays for his indemnity policy monthly. Do not just take it for granted and do not get a policy just because your state requires it. Understand these policies more and it’ll save you a lot.