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Collision Coverage: Protecting Yourself In Cases of Accidents


"Can I get away with car insurance?"  Well, most states in the United States has at least the minimum requirement for car insurances but getting away without any policy protecting you is not an option. This is primarily because it is mandated by the law.

Going against the law might just cost you hefty of fines, confiscation of your license and even jail time. Another reason why you must be insured before hitting the road is the fact that you may actually benefit a lot when unwanted car accidents get in your way. Causing injuries or even death to another person or damaging his/her car would definitely take so much from your pocket. Add to this the expenses that you needed for settling your own injuries or your car damages. Picturing such scenario would make you realize what the insurance is for and why you should have it for other reason than having it as a mandate from the state law.

Car insurances although they appear to be just adding some more expenses to this world where all products and services seem to cost more and more each year can actually be a great help for car owners and drivers. Despite taking a lot of care in driving we can never really tell what is waiting for you on the road so it is far way better to be prepared and protected than not at all.

Depending on one’s need and budget there are several types of coverage that can be bought. For most states the minimum requirement for car owners and drivers is the Liability Insurance. This policy is created to take care of the damages you will cause others. But who will take care of the damages of your car? Well, you have to deal with all the expenses to fix the damages on your part alone however if you want an insurance to handle them as well getting a Collision coverage will definitely help you.

The Collision Insurance is not required by the state law however if you are driving a new car purchased through a car loan, your bank or lending company might require you to do so. However if you are not driving a car with a good amount of value attached to it then you may opt not to include collision coverage in your policy. This coverage also has a deductible and the same rule applies, the higher the deductible, the lower the premium.