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Filing for auto collision insurance claims the right way


Accidents can occur at any time and are not really planned events. Hence dealing with a collision is always an uphill task as it takes you by surprise. However, it is important to know a few things with regard to auto collision and the measures to be taken. This will be of great help while filing for insurance claims. The first few minutes after the accident is the most crucial time and what you do at this juncture will have a significant impact on the insurance claims that are paid as well as the insurance rates in future.

Firstly, never leave the scene of the accident. Try to maintain your cool irrespective of who is at fault and do not have any arguments or accusations. Don’t admit anything either. If the vehicles involved in the crash can be moved, then bring it to the side of the road to ease oncoming traffic.

Call 911 without any delay as this will make sense if there are medical emergencies and the police officers will also arrive on the scene of the crash quickly. This is the quickest way to get both these people at the crash site.

Always ensure that you get the details of the opposite party. The contact details are very important irrespective of who was at fault. It is essential that both parties exchange their contact information in order to file for claims with their respective insurance providers. The type of insurance that both parties have can help decide the carrier with whom you wish to file your claim. If the opposite party does not have sufficient coverage then it is understood that you will have to file through your insurance provider.

If there are any third-party witnesses then record their statement as well as this will help in case you have any dispute with the insurance claims and settlement amounts. You will also require the statement of the witness in case you plan to sue for damages. Get the contact information of the people who witnessed the accident. A brief written statement from the witness will carry a lot of weight.

Get an estimate of the extent of damage from an accredited and reputed auto collision repair shop. It would be worthwhile as you will get the add-on services such as filing for claims as well as free towing.

Contact your insurer immediately and get the necessary paperwork done. Always study your policy and the coverage beforehand and don’t wait until there is an accident.