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Few reasons why auto collision insurance could be handy


Auto collision insurance is coverage offered in case of an accident. Unlike liability insurance, which is required by law, to take care of the costs of the other party in case of an accident, auto collision insurance is for your own benefit. Auto collision insurance allows you to get compensation or damage repair costs for your vehicle when you, as the insured person, are driving your car. Even though it is not mandated by law here are some of the reasons why it could prove useful.

Damage repair costs could be high

When your damage repair costs are high and the responsibility of the accident lies with you, you need the coverage offered by auto collision insurance to take care of repairs. This is because in case of your fault, you wouldn’t really get the benefit of the liability insurance of the opposite party. Moreover, even when the responsibility lies with the other driver, the liability insurance might not be sufficient to take care of your costs. The auto collision insurance has got nothing to do with whose fault it is and how the accident happened. The insurance provider will assess the extent of damage and you will benefit from the coverage.

You can choose your deductible

Another reason why you should go for auto collision insurance is because you are getting added protection without a lot of extra cost. You can in fact, choose your deductible, which will lead you to bear for a percentage of the damage repair costs. This lowers the premium too.

High risk areas

It will give you a lot of confidence when you are driving in high risk areas, if you have auto collision insurance. Areas where the number of vehicles are high, roads are bad or the weather conditions deteriorate often, it is better to have auto collision insurance that will take care of your car damage repair costs in case of an accident. This will free your anxiety and help you relax.

Expensive cars or totaled cars

If you are driving an expensive car, it is imperative that you have auto collision insurance as the damage repair costs could be steep. Sometimes, cars are totaled in massive accidents. If you have auto collision insurance then you will benefit from the reimbursement or replacement car that you will get. In the absence of any insurance coverage, you stand to lose a lot of money due to such accidents.