Washington Auto Insurance in Indiana

Washington car insurance companies don't have a great affinity towards drivers over sixty and teenagers. Most individuals who fall in this category end up spending hand over fist on their Washington auto insurance premiums in Indiana. However, having a few simple points in mind while purchasing your Washington auto insurance policy will help you save dollars, even for drivers in this category.

Senior citizens guide to auto insurance in Washington, Indiana

Insuring senior citizens can be a little bit of trouble if not handled correctly as senior citizens fall into a high risk group

High risk

The high risk group consists of people the insurance company distinguishes as a high risk. A high risk customer is a customer who is more likely to make a claim than not. A claim is an expensive affair for the insurance company; starting with the paperwork involved, getting their controller to check and verify and access the damage, and the final payout is the icing on the cake.

Transfer of risk

Insurance companies will take the high risk status of a senior citizen and secure themselves by charging a higher premium. A higher premium insures that they earn more from you, thus decreasing the chances they would incur a loss due to your premium.


Your premium is calculated based upon your age, gender, driving pattern and driver's license. Since your age is a downfall your premium will be rather high. However don't despair yet, there are many steps you can take to get your premium down a bit.

Saving some of your money

Go to an insurance company in Washington, Indiana which specializes in insuring senior citizens. Such insurance companies don't see you as a high risk, in fact they see you many years on the road as an indicator or your experience level behind the wheel and you can get insured as a non high risk driver.

Take driver's ed. Courses, driver's ed. Courses are easy to understand and take only a little while. You don't need to finish the entire course at one go and can take your time with that. Driver's Ed courses are also highly recommended by the Department of Motor Vehicles. In fact a driver's Ed' course is required once you cross a certain age group.

A blemished driver's record confirms the insurance companies doubt that you should be in the high risk division. Keep your drivers record clean as far as possible, always wear spectacles or contact lenses if you need them as your visibility should be as good as possible. You can also keep a pillow on the driver's seat and then sit to raise your height making it easier to watch the road; adjust your seat till you can see at least fifteen feet ahead.

Always stay attentive, the faster you notice something you have to break for the longer you have to apply emergency brakes and stop your vehicle.

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