Aurora Auto Insurance in Indiana

Modifying your car can help you get better deals on your Aurora car insurance policy. Opt for performance modifications over cosmetic ones so the chances of bringing down the premiums of Aurora auto insurance policies in Indiana are high. This coupled with add on safety features will get you the best Aurora auto insurance at very low costs.

Modify your car to save on Aurora auto insurance in Indiana

Modified vehicles attract a higher premium in Aurora, Indiana

This statement is true, although only to a certain extent; insurance companies have a provision wherein they reward customers who have specific safety equipment installed in their vehicles.

Some modifications are welcomed, others are scorned, how to differentiate

Modifications can be divided into cosmetic and performance modifications and safety modifications.

Cosmetic and performance modifications

Modifications such as decals, custom paintjobs, chrome grills and the like serve a cosmetic effect only; however they are not appreciated by insurance companies. The reason is simple, a modified car that looks better than a "stock" car will definitely fetch a higher price and be more valuable; this makes it more likely to be stolen which is a higher risk for your insurance company.

Performance modifications such as porting, bigger carburetors, custom made free flow headers followed up with free flow air systems and nitrous oxide systems in particular are popular among car enthusiasts to make the vehicle go faster. An increase in acceleration and top speed translate into a higher chance of an accident, again a high risk case for an auto insurance company.

Safety modifications

Modifications like bigger tires which contribute to better road grip, a roll cage which protects the cars cabin from being crushed in the event of a bad accident, upgrading to better brakes to reduce stopping time, installation of ABS which improves handling are pure safety modifications. These safety modifications are now a standard in most sports cars of today and for good reason. Insurance companies in Aurora, Indiana reward the installation of such safety devices as they either decrease the chances of the driver meeting with an accident or decrease the chances of the driver getting injured.

Savings with such modifications

Safety modifications are a hot pick for people who wish to insure a modified car; the basic aim being to negate the adverse effects of the performance modifications on their premium. If you own a sports or muscle car or a car with performance modifications you ought to have these safety modifications added to your car, not only to save on insurance but also to protect yourself from any bodily harm that may occur during an accident.

Many cynics believe that such safety features cost more to install than they can save on your premiums. This is true at times, however the safety and protection they can provide you in a crash is invaluable; savings and frugality must play second fiddle to safety.

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