Buffalo Auto Insurance in Indiana

Finding out the details of the claim process while buying Buffalo car insurance, can prove to be beneficial to you, in times of an emergency. There are many things that you need to do when you are involved in an accident and have of file a claim on your Buffalo auto insurance policy in Indiana. Ensuring you follow all the steps and provide relevant proof will help you file a successful Buffalo auto insurance claim.

Post accident auto insurance steps in Buffalo, Indiana

An accident is something all drivers' hope to avoid however at times there is no avoiding an accident, and if you ever find yourself in such a situation in Buffalo, Indiana you must know how to act.

Damage control

First check that you are not hurt, if you aren't that's a good thing; now check the other driver, if he or she isn't hurt that's even better! Once you both recover from the incident you can evaluate damage to both cars. If one of you is injured call the police and request paramedics immediately, provide details of where you are in Buffalo, Indiana.

Legal matters

You survived the worst, although the ordeal is far from over; there is still the matter of your insurance claim. Make sure to call the police and inform them of the accident, try as far as possible to make the call yourself. Once you have alerted the authorities and you are waiting for them to arrive it's a good idea to take some pictures of both the vehicles, the positioning and type of damage can serve as evidence if the matter matures into a legal proceeding and a lawsuit. Evidence is beneficial regardless of fault; you might not be at fault however the other driver may lodge a complaint against you. Once you take care of that get your story straight, there should be no discrepancies in your statement to the police and insurance company. Place a call to your insurance company informing them of the circumstances.

When the police arrive

Be as co-operative as possible and volunteer any information requested. Don't openly accuse the other driver within their earshot unless you have to, the last thing you need is an argument with the police acting as a mediator. Deliver your statement specifying that you were in the right and the incident was unavoidable to the best of your abilities. Don't leave the scene until you can go through the statements the police have taken down, a small miscommunication now can lead to a much bigger problem later.

After the statement has been recorded

Exchange insurance information with the other driver and ask them what kind of cover they have so you know to what extent and from what damage you are protected. Never fail to report an accident, what may seem like a fender bender today may develop into a complex problem at a later date. If you can settle the case with the other driver amicably there is nothing like it and you can save yourself a lot of hassle in the future.

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