Bristol Auto Insurance in Indiana

One of the common mistakes people do while buying Bristol car insurance for used cars is opting for unnecessary coverage. If the value of the used car is not very high, then, opting for Bristol auto insurance coverage in Indiana with minimal requirements will suffice. Over-insuring your used car will only result in high Bristol auto insurance premiums for a car that is not worth much.

Insuring a used car in Bristol, Indiana

Insuring a used car is Bristol, Indiana isn't much different from registering a new car except for a few factors:


Depreciation is the numero-uno enemy of a car owner and will see your car depreciate by a few thousand dollars in the first year of ownership itself. Every year that you own your car it depreciates further; but don't despair, there is a silver lining to this cloud. A car with a lower value attracts lower insurance premiums, so that means you can save a decent amount of money on insuring an older car.

Effect on insurance cover

The depreciated value of the car will help you when it comes to picking your extent of cover for liability, collision, non-collision, comprehensive, and underinsured or uninsured cover. In some cases the state limit of $10,000 is more than adequate to get all the repairs done on the car. As a car depreciates it becomes less of a target for auto theft which also drops your premium to an extent.

Effect on extent of cover

In most cases customers are advised to not settle for the state minimum and to take a higher cover; this is something you would need to rethink as a car owner. A second or third hand car might not be too valuable in today's market in Bristol, Indiana and getting a very high cover doesn't make financial sense, and is a colossal waste of your hard earned money. Calculate the extent of cover based on the current value of your car, so even in the worst case scenario where your car is totaled you can still get a replacement for your old car.

Types of insurance

Since your car is probably not very valuable you can skip comprehensive insurance which covers you against theft, fire and the like and go directly for liability and collision cover. Liability cover pays for the third parties medical and/or funeral bills and vehicular repairs. Collision cover pays for any your medical and/or funeral expenses and vehicular repairs. Non collision insurance insures you for collisions with objects other than another vehicle and also covers acts of nature and vandalism. Underinsured and uninsured insurance is advisable as if the third party has no insurance you won't get a claim and a payout from his insurance company which means you will have to spend on the repairs of your car, or a new car if yours was totaled. The extent of cover should once again be mapped with the current price of your car.

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