Oxford Auto Insurance in Indiana

It is easy to bring down the Oxford car insurance premiums by varying a few simple factors. Many Oxford auto insurance companies in Alabama offer large discounts to people who can show proof of being responsible and careful drivers. Simple factors like a clean driving record and good credit report can increase your chances of getting lower Oxford auto insurance premiums.

Five Tips for Cheap Auto Insurance in Oxford, Indiana

Most people are under the impression that auto insurance is very expensive and in order to reduce insurance costs they skimp on essential things. The truth is that auto insurance is not as expensive as most people believe it to be and by doing a few simple things you can cut your insurance costs by up to 30%. This article will elaborate on 5 tips you can get cheap auto insurance in Oxford, Indiana.

Increase Deductibles Sensibly

Deductibles are the amount you pay and the insured amount is the amount the insurance company pays when there is an accident on the road. By increasing the deductible amount from the set $200 to $500 you can save up to 15% on your insurance premiums. You should keep in mind that when you increase the deductible amount you are liable to pay when there is an accident so you should increase the deductible amount only if you are sure that you will be able to pay that much from your pocket.

Forgo Coverage on Old Cars

Collision and comprehensive are considered as important coverage but only for new cars. If you have an old car or an inexpensive car then you can consider forgoing these two covers. If your state requires you to take these covers then you should opt only for the minimum limit so that you do not have to pay an extra amount for higher limits.

Check Your Health Insurance

If you have adequate cover on life insurance, health insurance and disability insurance then you should opt for the minimum limit on personal injury protection if it is required by the state you live in. You may also want to opt for the minimum limit on other liabilities that pay for medical expenses in case of an accident.

Drive Less

By carpooling and by driving less you can not only save money on fuel but you can also save money on insurance. Car owners that drive less than a set number of miles each year are eligible for a low mileage discount. Some insurance companies offer an additional discount if the driver drives at or below 35 miles per hour for a year.

Get the Required Safety Gear

By opting for reputed and approved safety gear you can save up to 10% on your insurance every year since insurance companies offer lower insurance premiums to people whose cars have anti lock brakes, theft alarms, air bags and automatic seatbelts.

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