Boston Auto Insurance in Indiana

Just like in the case of every state, there are state specified requirements for Boston car insurance too. When you buy Boston car insurance coverage in Indiana, ensure these requirements are met so your policy can have a legal binding. Not having the minimum requirements covered in the Boston auto insurance policy can put you at risk on paying fines and even imprisonment.

Boston auto insurance requirements in Indiana

Auto insurance is a highly customizable affair and understanding how it works can empower you to customize your insurance for yourself without having to rely on agents who charge you a hefty fee.

Fines and other legal proceedings involved with driving without insurance

The requirements for an insurance policy in Boston, Indiana are protected by the state minimum; driving without insurance or with insurance below the state minimum is an offense and punishable by restriction of documents, a fine and at times incarceration if the Department of Motor Vehicles deems it fit. The law is very strict about insurance in Indiana and driving without insurance is deemed as a Class A infraction.

A person driving a motor vehicle without adequate or with no insurance in the state of Indiana will be subject to a 90 day suspension in drivers license. If the driver has been convicted for the same offense in the past three years the duration of suspension is increased to a year. The fine involved is $150 for a first violation, $225 for a second violation and $300 for a third violation. In addition to which the driver will be required to provide a current valid insurance policy for perusal at the time of re-instatement of the driver's license.

The state minimum

The state minimum in Indiana ensures that drivers have a cover of at least $25000 for bodily injury for one person, up to a $50,000 cover for all passengers' medical expenses. Which is to say that one person gets a cover of $25000, and the other passengers share the other $25000 cover available; all permutations and combinations are allowed as long as the total amount is kept below $50000.

Property damage has to be covered at $10000 or more, of course it is recommended as always that you purchase a cover as high as you can afford. Deductibles also apply to this type of insurance and should be kept at a minimum unless you have not been involved in an accident in the past five years. If you are sure that the chances of filing a claim are minimal then you may go ahead and decrease your deductible amount thus saving some money on your premiums.

Underinsured and uninsured insurance

Underinsured and uninsured insurance is mandatory in the state of Indiana. There is one clause under which you can operate your vehicle without underinsured or uninsured insurance though, under this clause you need to provide a sort of indemnity to the Department of Motor Vehicles that you do not wish to own this type of insurance.

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