Indianapolis Auto Insurance in Indiana

Getting Indianapolis car insurance for your modified car can be a cumbersome task. However, this task can be simplified to a great extent if you are aware of the types of modifications which Indianapolis auto insurance companies in Indiana will not consider safe. Getting multiple quotes and comparing them will also get you great deals on your Indianapolis auto insurance policy.

Insuring different kinds of modified cars in Indianapolis, Indiana

Modified cars mean a much higher risk factor for insurance companies in Indianapolis, Indiana as they are mostly driven at the hands of an enthusiast who will push the car to its limits if given a chance. Not all modifications are frowned upon; modifications which add safety to the car thus decreasing the chances of an accident or injury to the driver are encouraged. Insurance companies' encourage the installation of such modifications by offering owners discounts per piece of safety equipment added.

Safety modifications

Addition of a roll cage to your car can protect the drivers in case of an accident where the car flips over. Better tires increase traction between the vehicle and the road thus increasing inline braking power and also decrease the chances of the driver losing control over the vehicle. Installation of larger disc brakes and ABS makes the vehicle much more stable and also reduces the chances of an accident. These modifications are done with the intent to make the car safer and can be either internal or external modifications, at times the usage of one or more safety features can be clubbed to add on to the cars aesthetic appeal as well; low profile alloy wheels and a large disc brake started off as a safety feature and now double up as a cosmetic modification as well with the disc brake pistons adorned with emblems and highly chromed parts.

Performance modifications

Modifications carried out to make the vehicle faster such a bigger engine, high compression pistons, changes in gear ratio, a bigger carburetor and free flow air filters and exhaust systems. These modifications are done with the intent to make the car move faster and increase its top speed, performance modifications are mostly internal but there are also a couple of external variants which double up as cosmetic modifications with intelligent styling.

Cosmetic modifications

Decals, airbrushing and the like fall under cosmetic modifications, these modifications are done with the intent to make the car look better and have a purely exterior effect.

Insurance companies reward safety features while they frown upon performance and cosmetic modifications. Many enthusiasts argue that cosmetic modifications don't make the car any less safe, which is true; however what they do is increase the value of the car thus making it a better target for a thief. With modified cars being stolen very often because of their value and use in the after market parts market insurance companies need to be on their watch.

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