Franklin Auto Insurance in Indiana

Filing for a Franklin car insurance claim can be a daunting task if you are not aware of how to go about it. It is recommended that you ask your Franklin auto insurance company in Indiana about the procedure they follow for filing Franklin auto insurance claims. This will help you stay prepared in case of any eventualities.

Preparing yourself for a Franklin auto insurance claim in Indiana

An accident can happen at any time in any place and you need to prepare yourself for it.

Prepare your vehicle

Ensure the following items are in you car at all times

Copies of license, registration and insurance papers to be shown to the authorities, First aid kit with a torch to be used to administer immediate first aid if necessary. A phone of any sort should be at hand if you always carry a mobile phone with you, you can leave this out of the list of things you need in your car. When traveling always carry a map of the place if you are not familiar with the locations of nearby hospitals, police stations etc. A notepad and pen are a good addition to your list. A tool kit may not be useful in an accident but can prove to be invaluable in other situations.

Prepare yourself

You need to study your insurance policy and understand your cover and extent, if your study reveals insufficient insurance it will be a good idea to get adequate cover before any long trips. Always find out the state minimums in any state you're travelling through, you needn't change your policy although it's good to know.

Study the claims process and understand how you give a statement after an accident. Knowing the procedures simplifies the whole ordeal you must go through.

When it comes to the accident

If at some point in time you are unfortunate enough to meet with an accident here is what you do. Access if you or the third party is hurt, If so call for paramedics. If not go on to survey the vehicles and take photographs of the damage done to both the vehicles. Photographs can serve as evidence at a later point in time. Call the police and provide them with directions to get to the site of the accident.

Call your insurance company and inform them of the accident, they might suggest a future course of action for you to follow in some cases. Exchange insurance information with the other driver; make a note of this information including the other driver's name and registration details. When the police get to the scene provide them with an explanation of what happened and get your statement recorded, also pay attention to what the third parties statement is and if it incriminates you in any way be sure to re-iterate to the police that you were in the clear and the accident wasn't your fault.

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