High Cost of Auto Insurance Cripples Car Owners


12The exorbitant rate of Auto Insurance today set by car insurance companies is causing car owners to shun away from buying one. From the time, changes were made that increases the premiums for an Auto Insurance; many were not happy and decided not to give it a priority.

Statistic derived from the Motor insurer’s Bureau reveals that 1 out of 5 does not have car insurance. It was learned that the main culprit why many are hesitant is its exorbitant cost making it unreachable for the driving public. This applies most especially to the teenager group. While this is true, Ashton West, the Chief Executive of MIB warned that the payment should not be taken as a reason to go against the law even if you live in an area where crimes are rampant.

Survey also reveals that Auto Insurance Companies are encouraging the driving public to obtain one as there are many options to choose from. They had come up with deals catered to all types of customers. Not all packages are created equal as claimed by one manager of the insurance firm. There are expensive and there are also affordable rates which is suitable to those who have financial issues he said.

Because the problem in Auto Insurance is the premiums, experts gave tips to the driving public on how to come up with the best deal. Accordingly, it is advisable to be prudent in driving so that your record would be at least pristine. Auto Insurance reports show that insurers give better rates to those whose record is out of reckless driving. They believe recklessness is a risk for their business. Though this does not apply at all times but it has an impact on the premium rates.

Other experts pointed out that shopping to compare Auto Insurance prices helps in tracking a competitive deal as car companies have different quotes. To some this is considered time consuming but it is proven to be rewarding they said. Teenagers are also advised not to modify their car the way they desire because this may affect their premium rates. According to the Auto Insurance companies the more sophisticated your car is the more risk it poses, so the higher premium it fishes out from the insured. This is most especially that insurance firms are sometimes hesitant to issue coverage of this type.

An elder customer too added that as an insured individual, you should take care of your car. A garage should be taken into consideration to protect it as without it is also pictured by insurers to be vulnerable to be damaged.

At the end, this, according to law enforcers should not be the reason for car owners and drivers not to obtain insurance. They not only putting themselves at more risks but they are not doing what a good citizen is expected to do they further pointed out.