Kanetix Reveals Second Quarterly Insurance Rates Review for 2010


13­Kanetix, Canada’s leading mortgage and insurance online marketplace, revealed its quarterly review results of the insurance rates in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta last Wednesday July 7.

This quarterly review is to highlight auto insurance pricing trends in the country, and Kanetix believes that these rates are an accurate reflection of what clients find when they deal with their insurance needs. This information that have been taken for this review have been taken from various drivers in the said regions, though their profile information and vehicle data have not been given. The results of this quarterly review are compared and determined with past results in the same quarterly period last year.

The auto insurance rates in Ontario have increased by 15.2 percent in the second quarter of 2010 as compared to the second quarter last year. This suggests that Ontario drivers continue to feel the results and effects of the increases that had been approved last year. Reforms would be effectively implemented by the start of September this year that would be expected to create pricing stability. Insurance rates amongst insurance providers differ, so it is best for drivers to shop around and compare rates to make sure that they have the best deal.

Meanwhile, the insurance quotes in Quebec are shown to have decreased by 8.2% as compared to last year’s rates. Insurance rates are fluctuating amongst providers in the area, and many drivers turn to Kanetix to find options to save more of their money and take advantage of auto insurance discounts. 8% more of Quebec drivers particularly want to see how much they could save if they commit to a two-year auto insurance policy, while 5% more of the drivers are willing to trust their home and car insurance with their same insurer.

And in Alberta, auto insurance rates are more stable and have only decreased by about 0.2% but this is the fourth consecutive time that the car insurance rates in the area have decreased. Drivers would benefit from these decreasing rates, most especially when they compare quotes amongst the many shops in their area in order to find a deal with the lowest rates. Drivers who are shopping around for such a deal would find that the insurance provider that have offered the best auto rates last 2009 would not be able to offer same service this year.

Kanetix had been launched last October 1999, where the company had grown to be Canada’s largest insurance quotes and mortgage rates market. It is recognized as a primary source of information where thousands of people such as consumers, mortgage suppliers, and insurance companies access daily to find ways to save their money and make better use of it for their financial protection needs.