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Truck Insurance Quotes 101: The Basics


In the same way that not all men are created equal, not all vehicles are the same. There are small passenger cars like sedans and SUVs, and there are the people movers like busses and coasters. The granddaddy of all road vehicles, however, is the big rig. These multi-wheeled behemoths coast through American highways with tons of cargo behind them. Thousands of these trucks ply the trade routes of the U.S., keeping the economy alive.

Their unique place in the car industry also means that trucks need to have special insurance protection. This is where the awe for these kings of the road becomes an “Oh” because of the cost of insuring them.

Because of their nature, trucks are considerably more expensive to insure than regular cars. Their structure, built, and function all play essential roles in determining how much they cost to insure. Most trucks are built to transport consumer goods and other cargoes from one place to another. This means that truck insurance quotes also take into consideration the amount of time they are always on the road. The insurance companies also factor in the materials and cargo transported by these big rigs.

Trucks are more difficult to handle and control, making them more prone to get in accidents. Their large size and cargo can cause more problems especially when they become part of a pile up. For this reason, truck insurance quotes always factor in the probability of serious physical injuries or even fatalities.

Big rigs that transport hazardous cargo like toxic materials or fuel are also more costly to insure. Insurance companies have to consider the ecological damage that can take place if any of these trucks figures in an accident. The cost of cleaning up after an accident and settling any liability issues also adds to high truck insurance quotes. Relatively speaking, trucks are potential time bombs on wheels. Because of this, not all car insurance providers are willing to take them on.

Fortunately, there are insurance firms that specialize in insuring large commercial trucks. Business owners and truck drivers can ask for truck insurance quotes from these providers and compare them with other insurers’ offers. Most of these companies even provide additional coverage to protect big rigs from other man-made or natural disasters.

While truck insurance is neither cheap nor easily accessible, it is probably the most sensible investment that an owner can make. The benefits usually outweigh the costs, especially when there is an urgent need for insurance.