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Making Teen Auto Insurance Affordable


It is a well-known fact that teenagers and young drivers are considerably more expensive to insure. Insurance companies rely on several factors to determine insurance rates and premiums. Aside from the car that a policyholder would be driving, their habits, age, and financial capabilities also play crucial roles in determining insurance costs.

Statistically speaking, teen drivers are more susceptible to car accidents. Most insurers would factor in the motorist’s age to gauge their premiums. Drivers under the age of 25 are considered as high risk clients, and are therefore charged with higher premiums. However, teen auto insurance need not be too expensive. Insurance nowadays has become an all-too-necessary expense. By all means, it is a necessity by law and by need.

Insurance providers often consider teen drivers are inexperienced and more prone to get in accidents. Their lack of driving experience is often cited for higher premiums. The best way to convince insurers that a young motorist is more than capable of becoming a responsible car owner is to enroll them in special driving classes. These defensive driving courses and programs allow teenagers to stock up on important knowledge essential for driving on the road. Insurance firms usually honor these courses as long as they are duly accredited. Providers typically offer teen auto insurance discounts for young policyholders who pass these driving classes.

Of course, parents should take the helm when teaching their children about responsible driving. Experts agree that parents should set good examples for their teen drivers to pave the way for better road responsibility. Young motorists can also get more affordable teen auto insurance premiums by staying clear of trouble and avoiding traffic tickets at all costs. Citations and traffic violations can severely limit a teen driver’s chances of getting better rates in the future. young drivers with spotty driving records can also suffer from skyrocketing insurance costs for misbehaving on the road.

Teen drivers should also avoid driving expensive and high-performance vehicles. The added mass and stronger engines can make for potential disaster when entrusted to an inexperience motorist. Insurance companies don’t take lightly with policyholders who prefer sports cars and large SUVs over safer cars and sedans. Together, these vehicles can prove to be more of a liability in the long run than a wise investment.

Finally, young motorists can qualify for better teen auto insurance premiums by doing well in school. Insurance providers offer “good student” discounts for teen drivers who perform well in their academics.