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How to Save on Truck Insurance


Having an insurance policy on any type of vehicle makes good sense nowadays.  Truck insurance is no exception.  The fact that you use your trucks for your business makes it doubly urgent.  Truck insurance can be very expensive if you do not take time to find the best deals available.  Here are some things that could help you save on your next truck insurance policy.

Shop around for a reputable vehicle insurance company that offers heavy goods vehicle insurance.  Vehicle insurance companies are not created equal.  For your trucking insurance, find one that has extensive experience in providing heavy goods vehicle insurance and you shall be in good hands.  Worry not about narrowing down your choices; with the advent of the Internet, it is easy to find a bevy of potential companies to choose from. 

Because your needs are different from other companies or individuals, give these companies a detailed list of what you require for your truck insurance.  Find out what deals they offer and ask for quotes from a lot of companies.  This way, you are able to compare and get the best rates for the coverage you need.

Take note that for truck insurance, cheapest does not translate to being the best insurance policy for your vehicles.  Make sure that you are adequately covered first and then compare the prices at that level of coverage, not the other way around.

Ask for discounts.  You would be surprised at how competing truck insurance companies try to beat each other in terms of price and discounts, so do not be too proud to ask for discounts.  If you have a fleet of trucks, maybe you can leverage that for a sizable "volume" discount when you insure all your trucks from one company.

Hire the best drivers.  Accidents may and do happen, but you can avoid a lot of headaches by hiring good drivers with great safety records.  Not only do accidents and traffic infringements hurt your business image, it also drives up your insurance premiums.  Insurance companies will be looking at your company's accident record, as well as your drivers' driving history.  If you have filed no claims against a previous insurance coverage within a minimum of three years, chances are you would be eligible for a no claims discount.  Experienced and older drivers are also seen as less risky than those with little experience. 

What it all boils down to is this: getting the best drivers for your fleet would give you more opportunities to obtain more discounts on your truck insurance!