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Cheap Car Insurance: The Easy Way


You want a car, you get car insurance. That is the law. Your finances might already be upset because you bought a car. You may want to cut expenses from here on but you still have to pay for car insurance. Worry not because there are ways to cut costs.

  1. Type of vehicle

    A luxury car naturally costs more to insure than an inexpensive compact. If you have your eye on a Rolls Royce, are you willing to pay the thousands of dollars it could take in insurance every year? Check insurance prices before buying a car.

  2. Age and car Value

    Try to stay away from used cars. They sell for lower prices than brand-new models, but do you want to pay decent car insurance on an old vehicle? Even if you buy it for only $14,000, but were quoted a $1,000 premium for it, you may realize it is not a good value. You could save money by excluding collision and comprehensive coverage.

  3. Good driving record

    Insurance companies love to offer cheaper rates to people with good driving records. Keep your license impeccable and do everything you can to drive safely to avoid being ticketed. By keeping good driving habits, you will always earn reduced car insurance prices. A traffic-violation conviction is like a death-sentence on your insurance premiums.

  4. Multiple insurance quotes

    Use the Internet to get hold of multiple vehicle insurance quotes.  Call up as many agents as you could. You can compare quotes online or takes notes while talking to agents on the phone. Look for different types of quotes -- from online auto insurance brokers, from direct insurance agencies, and others. Remember that the cheapest insurance premiums do not necessarily mean the best. Take into consideration the reputation of an insurance company.

  5. Higher deductibles = low premiums

    To keep policy costs not too high, many insurance companies make use of deductibles. This means surplus charges that reveal your payment even before an insurance policy starts. Ask for insurance quotes that have high deductibles then try to find out how premiums get reduced. There are online insurers that let you have forms with choices for deductible levels. You could go from $200 to $400 on a deductible amount which will lower you insurance premiums by at least 15 percent.